How to Make a Star Wars Baby Yoda Sandwich Snack From The Mandalorian on Disney+

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Who doesn't love Baby Yoda? My kids and I have been watching The Mandalorian on Disney+ and are so excited for every Friday to get here so we can watch a new episode! Growing up, one of my favorite characters was Boba Fett, I was even the famous bounty hunter for Halloween one year. So needless to say I have loved this series.

My kids are off of school this week so I didn't make them a full meal. However, I just had to make a Baby Yoda sandwich (Yes I know it isn't actually Yoda, but until we find out its name Baby Yoda will have to do). Actually, there is more to it than just a sandwich so read below to find out what I used in each part of the Jedi snack! FYI, if you haven't watched The Mandalorian yet, you really should check it out on Disney Plus!

Ingredients: Spinach wrap tortilla, black olives, buffalo chicken salad (or dyed cream cheese), nori, flour tortilla, whole wheat bread slices, your kid's favorite sandwich filling.

1. Cut green spinach tortilla in three pieces, head and two ears. Repeat. Spread buffalo chicken salad (or dyed cream cheese) on one of each piece and place the other tortilla piece on top to make a Yoda head sandwich. Spread more buffalo chicken salad on top of each of the ears. Arrange as shown on plate.

2. Create Baby Yoda's facial features out of black olives for the eyes, nori for the mouth and wrinkles, and more spinach tortilla for the nose and eyebrows. Place as shown in photo.

3. Cut Baby Yoda's clothes out of whole wheat bread. Place your kids' favorite sandwich filling underneath. I used cheese and sliced meat.

4. A flour tortilla can be used to make the floating egg bassinet.



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