LEGO Angry Unikitty Lunch Recipe

Monday, September 9, 2019

How to make a LEGO Unikitty School Lunch

If your kids are like mine, they are deep into LEGO and obsessed with The LEGO Movie...both parts one and two. It's because of their everlasting love of the building bricks that mine were begging me for another LEGO lunch. It's been awhile since I made the last one so I figured it was time, and I chose Unikitty. She is a unicorn-cat hybrid!

How to make a LEGO Unikitty School Lunch

Unikitty is a pretty hilarious character and she goes from normal pink to fiery when she is angry. You don't want to mess with her at that point! I decided to make angry Unikitty because honestly red and orange are a lot easier to make than pink and purple. Read below to see how I made this special LEGO school lunch recipe!

Ingredients: Sandwich, red apple, cheddar and white cheese slices, red wax, nori, fruit roll, baby carrots, strawberries, blueberries, candy melts.

1. For Unikitty's head I used apple as the base. The lower part of her face is just cheddar cheese. The red is wax from a cheese round. I outlined the eyes and the nose with nori and used white cheese for her eyes and teeth. Her horn is made from a very tiny bit of red fruit roll. I placed her head on top of a sandwich.

How to make a LEGO Unikitty School Lunch

2. The LEGO bricks are made from strawberry and whole wheat bread. I cut each into a square shape. I then used a straw on scraps to poke out the dots for the top. I glued them on using a dab of cream cheese and placed the bricks on top of baby carrots.

How to make a LEGO Unikitty School Lunch

3. For these LEGO minifigs, I had a silicone mold which I bought off Amazon a long time ago. I used yellow candy melts in the mold, but you could also melt cheese. I let them dry in the mold, popped them out and put them on blueberries. That was all it took for this lunch!


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