Spring Fruit and Vegetable Food Board

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Spring Fruit and Vegetable Food Board

We are becoming bigger and bigger fans of food boards! They are all over Instagram and we have had tons of fun making them for different seasons of the year. These aren't just for looks either, our family loves sharing these for meals. Since Spring is here, we of course had to make one with a carrot and rabbit theme.

The trick to making a great food board is to have a good variety of fruits, vegetables, crackers, cheese, and meats. This way you can please most people around the table. Food in fun shapes never hurts either! The shapes don't have to be intricate or complicated, just use the natural colors of the food to arrange something simple. Check out the ingredients below to see how I made it.

For this board I used:
-Orange grape tomatoes
-Snap peas
-Cured meats
-Assorted Cheeses
-Dipping sauces
-Red grapes
-Green Apples
-Hard-boiled eggs (they were dyed, but it did't show up well)
-Baby carrots
-Kalamata olives
-Rabbit shaped graham crackers

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