The LEGO Movie 2 Kids Lunch Ideas

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Fun The LEGO Movie 2 kids lunch ideas!

If you are looking for a family who loves LEGO and is super excited for The LEGO Movie 2, then you've come to the right place! If you're looking for LEGO kids lunch recipe ideas, then you've also come to the right place! Since the movie was just released, I of course had to make an Emmet lunch for my kids to take to school.

The great thing about LEGO lunches is that they are actually pretty easy to create LEGO minifigure heads are basic shapes and the facial features are simple as well. I think anyone can copy these ideas for your own kid's lunch! Keep reading to find out how I made it.

Fun The LEGO Movie 2 kids lunch ideas!
Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, cheddar cheese, salami, nori, white cheese, blueberries, carrots, yogurt covered raisins, LEGO shaped candy, granola, dried mango, red and black food coloring or food coloring markers.

1. Cut cheese and two slices of bread into a square  and round off the corners to make the minifigure head shape. Build a sandwich with cheddar cheese on top to create Emmet's head.

2. Use nori, white cheese, and salami to create Emmet's eyes and mouth. Finish by cutting the heel of a slice of bread into the shape of his hair. Place in main compartment.

3. Arrange carrots to make his vest and then drop in blueberries and top with a triangle of cheese as shown in photo. You can fill in the space around his head with blueberries if desired.

4. In side compartment put yogurt covered raisins and candy LEGO blocks.

5. Fill other side compartment with granola, or any other background that you have on hand. Cut dried mango into star shape to make the Star character that you see in the movie trailer. Draw the faces on using black and red food coloring marker.


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