Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Lunch

Monday, January 7, 2019

How to make a Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Ultimate lunch for your kids!

Well, it's January, my kids went back to school, and I was out of ideas for special lunches. For the past month it's been all about Christmas so it was hard to wrap my head around what else to make them. Then it came to me. They were so excited to get Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the mail from Nintendo, so I thought I would make them lunches based on the game.

I realized that I haven't made them very many lunches based on video games, but the amount of characters in Super Smash Bros. makes it a great candidate because the possibilities are endless! I wanted to include so many more of their favorites such as Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Link from The Legend of Zelda. But sadly I ran out of time, energy, and space in the lunchbox. I settled for Super Mario, Kirby, Yoshi's egg, and a Pokeball from Pokemon. I guess I might have to do a sequel lunch sometime down the road. Until then, here are the ingredients I used for each character or the character's item!

Nintendo Switch
Mario Hat: Red apple, white cheese, wax from a Babybel cheese for the M, and two toothpicks to hold the brim on the hat. Fruit, cheese, and crackers for the background.

Pokemon Pokeball: Babybel cheese with half the cheese round removed, nori for the middle part, two circles of white cheese on top.

Yoshi's Egg: Hard boiled egg, circles cut from fresh spinach, and yogurt covered raisins.

Kirby: Two circles of whole wheat bread with nut-free spread in between, scraps of whole wheat bread for the arms, strawberry cream cheese, red food coloring for the cheeks, nori and cream cheese for the eyes and mouth, raspberries for the feet, blueberries for the background.

Super Smash Bros. Sign: Tortilla with food coloring marker to make the letters.



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