A Christmas Story Fra-Gee-Lay Lunch

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Top Christmas movies

"Fra-Gee-Lay! It must be Italian." The old man was so excited have this crate delivered to his door. You know the leg lamp was his major award. A Christmas Story is unequivocally the best Christmas movie of all-time. The list continues with Christmas Vacation second, and Elf coming in third. You can fight me if you want, but you would still be wrong.  Because A Christmas Story is tops, I of course had to make my annual lunch celebrating this cinematic masterpiece.

Since I have made A Christmas Story lunches before, I wanted to try and take a different angle with this one. I featured the wooden crate that the lamp came in, along with the famous Bumpus hounds and the turkey theft that they are known for. I also had to give you a sneak peek at a few of my favorite Christmas decorations. I have most of the collection of A Christmas Story lighted village. It's my pride and joy around this time of year. I ask for new pieces every year. And if you still doubt my family's love for the movie you will want to follow us at @lunchboxfamily. We have a special surprise coming for you!

Until then, read the recipe below and let me know your favorite seen from the movie!

Top Christmas Movies
Ingredients: Whole wheat tortillas, flour tortilla, cheese slice, mandarin orange, banana, Babybel cheese, dried cranberries, shredded turkey or chicken, cream cheese, black food coloring marker.

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cut whole wheat tortilla into two rectangles. Write FRAGILE and THIS END UP on tortilla with food coloring marker or food coloring and toothpick. Cut into slices and bake for 3-4 minutes until toasted. Place cheese slice on other tortilla rectangle and bake until melty. Lay strips across the top to create the Fra-Gee-Lay crate. Place in main compartment of lunchbox.

2. Cut a small slice off of a mandarin orange so it lays flat. Cut a rectangle slice off of a banana. Rub the orange slice on the banana to prevent browning. Draw the leg lamp details on each piece as shown and arrange on top of the fragile crate to make the leg lamp.

3. Use whole wheat tortilla scraps to make the Bumpus hound as shown. The eyes are flour tortilla with black food coloring. The nose is a triangle cut from Babybel cheese wax. The entire dog sits on top of a round of Babybel cheese and is surrounded by dried fruit. Sorry there wasn't room to make all "785 smelly hound dogs."

4. In the other side compartment drop in the shredded turkey or chicken to honor the old man's favorite Christmas food!

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How to make A Christmas Story school lunch!

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