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Monday, September 19, 2016

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My daughter is so excited for the new movie Storks to come out in theatres! Is it the animation, the silliness, or the plot of the movie? Well, yes, all of that is exciting for her. However, the big reason she can barely contain herself is she is having her birthday party at the theatre on opening weekend. Storks opens on September 23rd (and comes from the same studio that delivered The Lego Movie), but she is inviting all of her friends to see it with her on the 24th. So to celebrate I made her a Storks lunch to take to school with her. I was able to time it so that she is giving out invitations to the party the same day that she gets her lunch.

Storks Movie

If you have never done a children's birthday party at the movies, it is great. The kids are entertained and have a fun time. But imagine this: A party with no setup, cleanup, cooking and your house is just as it was before the party. I know, I know, it seems like something out of a fairy tale, but believe me it is for real and it is fantastic. So seeing Storks on opening weekend isn't just good for my daughter, it's great for us as parents as well! If you haven't seen the trailer yet, watch it below and then read on to learn how to make a Storks lunch for your own kids.

Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, sliced provolone cheese, sliced cheddar cheese, sliced meat, blueberries, yogurt covered raisins, flour tortilla, dried mango, broccoli, edible modeling dough, yellow candy.

1. Cut the bird head shape from two slices of bread. Use the bread piece to trace and cut out a head shape from provolone cheese. Cut eyebrows from another slice of provolone cheese. Make bottom beak shape from cheddar cheese. Cut top beak shape from the cheddar cheese scraps that you have left.

2. Use white edible modeling dough to make eyeballs. Use brown, black, and white modeling dough to form the colored part of eye and nostrils. Optionally you could use a candy googly eye. Repeat with second eye. Assemble pieces on face as shown in picture and create sandwich with meat and second slice of bread.
bento lunch
3. Place stork head sandwich in main compartment of lunchbox. Surround with blueberries. Cut the letters for "Storks" from another slice of cheddar cheese. Put on top of blueberries.

4. Drop yogurt covered raisins in side compartment of lunchbox. Use pink and white modeling dough, and yellow candy, to make pacifier. Put on top of raisins.

5. In second side compartment pack broccoli. Cut tortilla in a square and dried mango into a baby bottle shape. You can "paste" this on with a little cream cheese if needed. You also can write "Milk" on the bottle with a food coloring marker if you would like. Place bottle on top of broccoli.

Serve to your kids for lunch at school or at home. They will love it! Don't forget to see Storks when it comes out on September 23rd. The film stars the voices of Andy Samberg, Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell, Kelsey Grammer, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Katie Crown, and Danny Trejo. You can also check the movie out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

bento lunch


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