This One Cool Feature Makes These PackIt Lunch Bags Ultra Unique!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

This is a sponsored post in partnership with PackIt lunch bags. I was compensated but all opinions are my own.
bento lunch recipes

It's just about back-to-school time, and this means all of us parents are either cheering or dreading the end of summer. It also means that we are planning an in-depth strategy for invading the back-to-school section of our local store. You simply cannot go in with no plan whatsoever. Sometimes I feel like I might need an NFL coach, drawing up strategic plays, just to survive that one section of the store. Or maybe it is to survive the parking lot. Sometimes that's worse than the school drop off lane. Either way, one question I always get is what lunchbox should I buy for back-to-school?

A number of factors can go into that decision, but the PackIt lunch bag line has one crazy cool feature that I haven't seen anywhere else! It makes life as a parent so much easier. I also am giving you a simple and fun lunch recipe that I came up with by reading through to the end of this post.

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First of all, the new PackIt lunch bags can fit many of your current containers, or bento lunchboxes, inside but they can also hold your food without a lunchbox as well! The great feature that sets these
apart is that you do not need any ice packs to keep your child's food cool and safe. These bags have freezable gel built-in to the lunch bags themselves!

bento lunch recipes

It's such a simple but also brilliant idea. All you do is throw the bags (which can fold down) into the freezer overnight. You make your child's lunch in the morning, take the PackIt bag out of the freezer, and put the lunch inside. It stays cold with no worrying about ice packs! If you make lunches the night before, just keep them in the lunchbox in the refrigerator.

bento lunch recipes

Then in the morning take the box and bag out, put the box inside the PackIt bag, and you are ready to go. Could it be any more simple? Actually it can, you can win $100 worth of PackIt merchandise below or use promo code LUNCHBOXDAD15 to get 15% off of any order right now!

bento lunch recipes

Now, on to my recipe. It's really easy. Just start by using a butterfly cookie cutter on two slices of bread. You can actually use any cookie cutter, I just liked the butterfly one for this. Spread jam and nut free peanut butter substitute between the pieces and make sandwich.

bento lunch recipes

Next, cut star shapes from cheese and meat. If you use a star shaped vegetable cutter it is infinitely easier. Lay down spinach for the background in the main compartment. Put the sandwich on top. Arrange the cheese/meat stars however you would like. I held them together using fun gem shaped food picks. Drop blueberries and grapes in the side compartments. I used food picks to make fun designs with these as well. Sometimes easiest is best!

bento lunch recipes

Finish by putting the lunchbox in a PackIt lunch bag. Make sure to throw in a napkin and also write your child a simple lunch note. Just tell them that you love them and believe in them!

bento lunch recipes

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