Little House on the Prairie Pioneer Lunch

Monday, May 9, 2016

pioneer themed lunch

If my daughter were to choose a favorite book series of the moment, it could very well be the Little House on the Prairie series. She has been reading it with her Grandma, and my wife, for months. We have also moved to Oklahoma City in the last few months, and my daughter's school celebrated the Land Run. This is an event that celebrated important things happening in the pioneer days here. She even dressed up for it. You can see her outfit in the picture below. Because of all this, I made her a Little House on the Prairie Pioneer bento lunch!
pioneer themed lunch
It is complete with a covered wagon, corn bread, and applesauce. For those not familiar with the series, apple sauce and apple butter play an important role in the food of Little House. Also, corn
bread pops up quite a bit in the books. I made it heart shaped for fun, but also Ma makes heart shaped biscuits one time in the story. Of course, my daughter picked up on all of these little touches. I created the lunch in an Easy Lunch Boxes container. Below are all the ingredients I used.

Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, flour tortilla, Babybel cheese cut in half, beef stick sent to me to try from Vermont Smoke and Cure, green grapes, blueberries, corn bread, honey, applesauce, cinnamon.

pioneer themed lunch


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