Pee-Wee's Big Holiday Lunch

Monday, April 11, 2016

Just saying this is going to make me feel old. It might even sound a bit weird. Regardless, it's the absolute truth. My kids are obsessed with Pee-wee movies on Netflix right now. You heard me right. It started with Netflix releasing their new Pee-wee's Big Holiday movie where Pee-wee tries to get to New York. Now they are incessantly searching Netflix for more Pee-wee shows.

It makes me feel old because I remember watching Pee-wee as a kid. It's weird because Pee-wee hasn't seemed to age much while I pull a muscle bending over to pick up a stuffed animal. However, the movies are fun and silly, which is something that is nice to see. I am glad Pee-wee is back. To celebrate I made a Pee-wee's Big Holiday lunch for my kids for school! It features his iconic suit and bowtie in a sandwich, his name in fruit and vegetables, and the New York skyline in cheese because New York is his destination in the movie. I created the lunch in an Easy Lunch Boxes container. Have fun making the lunch and be sure to check out Netflix for Pee-wee's Big Holiday!
Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, meat, white cheese, grape tomatoes, red sweet pepper, grey
edible modeling dough, roasted seaweed snacks, dried cranberries.

1. Cut two slices of bread into a square. Cut a slice of cheese into the same size square and place on top of bread. Flatten grey edible modeling dough and cut out the parts of the suit as shown. I used the dough here because it's easy to make the pieces with and it is near impossible to find a naturally colored grey food. Assemble pieces, and place on top of cheese.

2. Cut a small bowtie out of red sweet pepper. Lay on top of cheese where shown. You can secure it in place with a toothpick. Put sandwich in main compartment and surround with grape tomatoes.

3. Cut Pee-wee's name out of red sweet peppers. Place dried cranberries or raisins in a side compartment and put the letters on top.

4. Put dried seaweed snack (nori) in another side compartment. Cut the New York skyline out of a slice of cheese. Don't worry about it being exact, just use enough detail for your kids to get the idea. It's much easier than it looks. Put on top of dried seaweed. Serve and watch them enjoy their lunch!

Disclosure: I am sharing about Netflix because I am part of the Netflix Stream Team. I was not compensated but I am provided Netflix service and equipment to experience their streaming service. All opinions are solely my own.


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