How to Make Gooey Almond Honey Cinnamon Rolls

Monday, December 21, 2015

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You probably shouldn't make these Almond Honey Cinnamon Rolls. You will become instantly addicted and normal cinnamon rolls will no longer satisfy your ravenous craving for this sweet breakfast treat. The problem isn't just that they taste like heaven on a plate, it's that they are so easy to make that even your kids can do it. Seriously, my nine-year-old daughter made these with me the first time and now she can do it on her own (pictured below). We found this recipe for Almond Honey Topping on and combined it with cinnamon rolls to create something that should be illegal because it's so tasty and addicting. Honey adds a boost of natural sweetness and also helps bind the topping ingredients in this recipe. 

If you need a simple but stunning recipe for the holidays, a party, or just because it's Saturday morning, try out our new take on this classic. Remember to follow me on all my social media channels to get more ideas like this and also check out for amazing recipes for just about any dish you can imagine!
Almond Honey Topping:
Sliced Almonds

Click this link to go to for all the measurements you will need

Your favorite cinnamon roll recipe or a can of ready-made cinnamon rolls

1. Go to for simple directions on how to make the Almond Honey Topping.

2. Make cinnamon rolls according to directions in your favorite recipe or on the package.

3. Remove rolls from oven when there are five minutes left for them to bake. Spread Almond Honey Topping on top of each one and place rolls back in oven for the final five minutes.

4. Serve warm to your family and friends.

5. Option: Instead of spreading on top, you may also unroll dough, spread Almond Honey Topping on side of dough, and roll back up.


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    To create gooey almond honey cinnamon treats, start by combining 1 cup of finely chopped almonds, 1/2 cup of honey, and a teaspoon of ground cinnamon in a bowl. Mix the ingredients thoroughly to form a sticky, cohesive mixture. Next, shape the mixture into bite-sized balls or bars, depending on your preference.

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