How to Make a Harley Quinn DC Superhero Girls Lunch

Monday, November 2, 2015

DC Superhero Girls

By now you know my family is pretty into superheroes. This goes not only for my son but my daughter as well. The unfortunate thing is that many times girl superheroes are either over sexualized or they continually play backup to the guys. Worst case is that they appear in a movie but then never make it into toys or clothes and the brand pretends like they don't exist. *Cough, cough Black Widow*

Because of this, my daughter was so excited to see that DC is coming out with their new DC Superhero Girls show and dolls. They remade well known characters as high school
students who attend a "superhero high." There are characters such as Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Poison Ivy, and more. One of my daughter's favorites is Harley Quinn. She is the class clown (of course) and brings laughter to the group. I decided it was time to make her a lunch to celebrate the new show since she has already checked out the website, played the games, and watched all the short web episodes!

I made this lunch in an Easy Lunch Boxes container and also used a cardboard superhero punch-out that I got at the craft store to go behind the hammer. It would be great if you followed me on all my social media channels because you don't want to miss a single thing!
DC Superhero Girls
Whole wheat bread
Provolone cheese slice
Meat for sandwich
Edible modeling dough
Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries
Red apple
Snap peas

1. Cut bread and tortilla into shape of face. Place meat inside. Cut cheese into bangs and ponytails as shown. Put bangs on top of tortilla and ponytails beneath bread. For facial features and colored hair I used edible modeling dough. It was a long weekend, I was really tired, and I didn't have anything else that would work. Plus the dough is so easy to use.

2. Line background of main compartment with blackberries and raspberries. Black, red, and white are the color of her clothes on the show. Put sandwich on top.

3. Cut apple into shape of the head of a hammer. Slide blueberries onto toothpick and insert into apple. A hammer is Harley Quinn's famous weapon. It is blue and red on the show. Set in side dish.

4. In second side dish drop in snap peas. Cut out the letters "D" and "C" from tortilla scraps. Place on top. Obviously this refers to DC comics. I chose a green vegetable because of Harley's connection with the Joker in the comic books.

DC Superhero Girls


  1. So good I wish I could eat it but I hate peas and blueberries

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