Learn to Make a Halloween Bat Lunch

Monday, October 12, 2015

halloween food

It's almost Halloween which means it's time to break out the scary stuff to make your kids' lunches fun. This is actually my favorite time of year to make bento lunches for my kids. You can find so much great stuff to put in the box that makes packing it easy. Of course, my kids are already asking to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas so I would bet there's a new lunch coming soon. In the meantime this is a quick and easy lunch to make. Send your child to school with the best looking Halloween lunch in their class!

It consists of a bat sandwich with dark wheat bread, cheese, and turkey. To make the bat I
used a bat-shaped cookie cutter. I made the eyes from the wax on a Babybel cheese. There is also a Chobani Greek Yogurt Tube, roasted seaweed snack background, and plastic spider decorations. I made the ghost out of a hard-boiled egg and circles of roasted seaweed. It sits in a container of raisins. For the scary eyeball, I cut out a circle of red wax from the top. I then sliced the end off of a black olive and pinned both pieces to the cheese. For the eyelashes I cut the plastic rings off of plastic decorative spiders and stuck them into the cheese. It sits in a bed of black olives. I made the whole lunch in an Easy Lunch Boxes container.

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Halloween food

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