How to Make Minions Frozen Banana Pops

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post partnering with Fandango Family. I received compensation, but all opinions expressed are solely my own.#FandangoFamily

I'm not sure there is a much more anticipated family movie this summer than Minions. There is no way to escape the Minions since, over the last few years, they have taken the world by storm. It's for good reason because these little creatures are hilarious! In fact, one of my most popular lunch recipes ever is my Despicable Me Minions lunch. 

I decided that I had to make an easy treat for kids to celebrate the new movie coming out. I came up with these fun frozen banana pops. Not only that, but I am so excited about the movie that I am giving away a $100 Fandango gift card to a lucky Lunchbox Dad reader!


These frozen banana pops are really tasty and your kids will be begging for more! Thankfully, I had the chance to see an advanced screening of the Minions movie, with my San Francisco Dads Group, in order to get inspired for this recipe. The movie was absolutely hilarious of course. I was also able to hear more about the great work the Family First Foundation is doing form their spokesmen, NFL stars Marshawn Lynch and Joshua Johnson. The guys were great and Fandango Family put on a terrific event. Below are a few pictures from our time at the theatre.

I am so excited about these Minions Frozen Banana Pops that I put together a very short tutorial video so you can watch precisely how to make them. Watch the 2 minute video first, and then the detailed instructions below will help you blow away your friends and family with this fun treat.


1 Banana (makes two pops)

1 Lollipop or popsicle stick per pop
1 Package Wilton Yellow Candy Melts
1 TBSP vegetable oil
1 Package Wilton Black Shape and Amaze Edible Modeling Dough
1 Package Wilton Blue Shape and Amaze Edible Modeling Dough
1-2 Candy eyes per banana

Most of these items can be easily found at your local craft store or online.

1. Cut banana in half and stick lollipop sticks in the bottom of each half. Put bananas in freezer for at least one hour. They MUST be frozen before you dip them in the candy melts. Trust me, don't rush this step or else they won't turn out.

2. Combine vegetable oil and candy melts in mug or double boiler. Wilton also makes a melting pot which works great. Follow directions on candy melts package to melt candy into a smooth liquid. If mixture is too thick add a little more oil. Don't add too much or it will become too thin.

3. Pour candy mixture into a tall container. I used a champagne flute. Dip each banana into glass, making sure that the entire banana is covered. Place on wax paper and put back into the freezer. You will only need them to be in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

4. While candy shell is hardening on the bananas, form the minions facial features and overalls from the edible modeling dough. Roll the dough around in your hands until it becomes soft. Form all the pieces that you see in the video. It is really very easy. If you can make basic shapes out of playdough then you can use this dough. If you mess up, just roll it back together and try again.

5. Take bananas out of freezer and attach hair, goggles, eyes, mouth, and overalls as shown in the video. Don't press too hard. The dough should easily press onto the candy shell. The dough will harden within a few minutes.

6. Serve immediately or wrap in wax paper and put back into the freezer. These pops will last for at least a few days if kept frozen.

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