King Julien Bento Lunch

Monday, January 5, 2015

King Julien bento lunch Madagascar All Hail King Julien

My kids first saw King Julien and the rest of the lemurs on every Madagascar movie. Recently Netflix released a new series called All Hail King Julien. My kids are officially addicted. On New Year's Eve, Netflix also did something awesome for parents. They had a streaming countdown, featuring King Julien, that you could play for your kids whenever you want. My kids loved having a dance party while watching it and I loved showing the countdown at 8:30 pm instead of midnight. Anyway, I have to admit Julien is pretty hilarious. Maurice might steal the show though. Now if I could only get that theme song out of my head.

I made this lunch in an Easy Lunch Boxes container and Julien is actually a sandwich. I tried to make the lunch as festive as Julien's life seems to be. Check out the show and check out my social media channels for even more fun stuff. Social Media buttons are on the right. Here's the recipe.

King Julien bento lunch Madagascar All Hail King Julien
Fat-free cream cheese
Whole wheat bread
Jam or other sandwich filling
Black food coloring
Dried blueberries or raisins
Snap peas
Dried Apricot
Orange (I used a blood orange)
Orange peel
Colorful fruits or vegetables, shredded
Kind fruit and nut clusters
Plain yogurt

1. Cut Julien's head shape out of bread. Repeat with second piece. Don't worry, it's a lemur, the shape is hard to mess up.

2. Mix cream cheese with a very small amount of black food coloring. The resulting color should be light gray. Outline the head with gray then fill in the middle with white. Shape blueberries or raisins into the shape of the facial features and stick them on. Put jam on the other piece of bread and stick both pieces together to make a sandwich.

3. Peel the orange and cut two circles out of the peel. I used regular marker to draw the eyes since my kids won't eat the peels. Maybe yours will. That would be kind of weird, though. Place them on Julien's face.

4. Cut the dried apricots and snap peas as shown to make the hat. You can attach them together using toothpicks if desired. Put on top of Julien's head. Place head in main dish and surround with dried blueberries and shredded fruit or vegetables. 

5. In side dish place fruit and nut clusters and arrange orange pieces on top. In second side dish put strawberries and cover them with yogurt. Drop sprinkles on top of yogurt. 

King Julien bento lunch Madagascar All Hail King Julien



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