The Lunchbox Kids YouTube Reviews are Here!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Lunchbox Kids Food Reviews

I'm so excited to tell you about the newest feature here at Lunchbox Dad. We have remodeled our YouTube channel and our introducing The Lunchbox Kids. Have you ever wondered if those snacks designed for kids will go over well? Do kids really like them? What about those other products that are supposed to be the "perfect" new thing to help your children? That's what Lunchbox Kids is all about!

On a regular basis our Lunchbox Kids videos will show you the honest truth about what my kids think about all of these products. This includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. Believe me, we've already had some hilarious moments! Our goal is to make these funny, engaging, and helpful.

So please go check out the remodel on our channel and our first two Lunchbox Kids episodes. My children will tell you what they love and what they don't like about Clif Kids ZBars and also Wausome Wafers, a healthier line of snack crackers.

Click the picture above or the link below to check out The Lunchbox Kids and follow our YouTube channel!


  1. I'm not going to argue with you to try and change your mind. I gave my opinions in the post and in subsequent posts as well. If you don't think it's right for you, then go a different direction. For our family it is an awesome choice. Just to clarify in the pic above my hand is not resting on the mat and I was in fact removing the shadow from an object while the picture was being taken.

  2. Beau,
    Aren't are advertising for HP? If you can't answer specific questions about why Sprout is worth $1900 for an average family isn't that a problem for your readers? What is the point of acting like this is somehow an objective review? I spent over $2000 and am trying to find out how others might be trying to use the machine.

  3. Beau,
    Here is how well the machine is not supported straight from the HP Sprout developer forums. Basic hardware functions aren't even available to be developers yet. That means no software Beau. That means you are paying for something you can't use. I am sending mine back to HP. Thanks for helping me make up my mind.

  4. I can already say without reservation that you aren't being truthful. You would not spend $1900 on this system yourself if the money was in front of you.

  5. My concern isn't with the hardware, HP is trying to do something mass market bleeding edge and I thank them for that. I also appreciate the effort you put into the review because it is very well done. This is just my way of fighting against the marketing machine of HP trying to get the average person to buy this without the software to make it an everyday productivity machine. I have been using computers as a toy and tool for over 25 years. I own a wide array of technology that most people can't afford. If I am having problem finding value in this machine then others will also. This is a Sprout developers machine for now but that is fine.

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