Quaker Kid Friendly Oatmeal Recipe: A Bowl of Oatmeal Love

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, in conjunction with Quaker. I received compensation for participating in this promotion. 
Quaker Kid Friendly Oatmeal Recipe A Bowl of Oatmeal Love #QuakerUp #ad

I am so excited to be partnering with Quaker and Sam Stephens of the New York City based restaurant, OatMeals to bring you kid-friendly and easy to make oatmeal recipes for the back-to-school time. Every Thursday for the next month you will find something new so check back often! Read on to find out more about Sam and also about this week’s fun recipe, “A Bowl of Oatmeal Love.”

"Hello, I'm Sam Stephens, chef/owner at OatMeals, the world's first oatmeal bar, in New York City. I'm also Quaker Oats' Creative Oatmeal Officer. I'm working with Quaker to help people see oatmeal in new and exciting ways! I was so glad to be introduced to the Lunchbox Dad blog and all the innovative meals Beau is whipping up daily. Seems Beau and I both like to have fun and get creative in the kitchen using wholesome, fresh ingredients in inspiring ways! OatMeals is all about experimenting with your oatmeal...whether it's my staff and I coming up with new ideas for the menu or customers creating their own oatmeal masterpieces, the options are endless. You can have something as simple as peanut butter & banana on your oatmeal, a savory option like sun-dried tomato, pesto & parmesan, or something sweet, like a s'mores bowl!

While I don't have children of my own just yet, I'm an auntie to my beautiful niece, Sydney, and two awesome nephews, Aydan & Braedon. I'm aware of the challenges when it comes to getting children to see that mealtimes can be fun and exciting. Kids love OatMeals because of the nearly 100 topping choices...they can choose their own adventure and create their own special bowl of oats. My staff and I try to make our customers' bowls of oatmeal as visually appealing as possible but I'm thrilled to see what Beau will be designing and sharing this week using some of the kid-friendly recipes that I've created for Quaker Oats! I'm sure it will be nothing short of extraordinary, check back often to see the delicious recipes come to life, I’ll be sharing his creations on my social channels as well, check me out on Instagram @OatmealsNY, on Facebook and at my blog Thanks Beau!"

Quaker Oatmeal Kid Friendly #QuakerUp #ad
This quick and easy breakfast with Quaker Oatmeal can show your kids that you want them to have a healthy breakfast, but also that you love them! See exclusive step-by-step directions and pictures of my recipe as I guest post over at Oatmeal Chef Sam’s blog: CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE!

You will not want to miss checking out all the great recipes she has over on her blog. She has tons of great ideas for how to start the morning right, enjoy!


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