The Lego Movie Wyldstyle Bento Lunch

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Lego Movie Wyldstyle lunch

Year 2, Week 35: The Lego Movie Wyldstyle. Everything is Awesome today in my kids' lunches! They have gone crazy for The Lego Movie and want to sing Everything is Awesome over and over (when they're not singing Frozen). Since there are only two more weeks left in school I thought I would make a Wyldstyle Lego lunch for my daughter. I also made lunch for my son in a Lego Bento Box with a Lego Batman head. Hopefully this won't start more chants of Everything is Awesome, but I hope it will help them eat their lunches!

The Wyldstyle lunch is made in an Easy Lunch Boxes container while the spoons, little red bricks, and Lego bento box came from All Things For Sale. You can get a ton of great lunch equipment there at really low prices.

The Lego Movie Wyldstyle lunch
Cheddar cheese slice
Wiltons Edible Modeling Dough, black
Blue and pink sprinkles
Fresh Spinach
Black and red food coloring
Strawberry yogurt
Whole wheat bread
Peanut Butter

The Lego Movie Wyldstyle lunch
1. Cut cheddar cheese into Lego shaped head. It doesn't need to be exact. I used Wilton's edible modeling dough to make her hair. I have had it for awhile and have been excited to try it out. The clay was really easy to work with. You can find it many craft stores. 

2. After you stick the hair on push pink and blue sprinkles into it. Use food coloring to make the facial features. You can use cream cheese or tiny pieces of tortilla to make the white part of the eyes.

3. Arrange fresh spinach or lettuce in the bottom of main dish. Set Wyldstyle head on top and garnish with almonds. I put them in a little Lego type dipping container. I also included Lego utensils that we had.

4. In side dish put strawberry yogurt. Cut two hearts from a strawberry that has been cut in half. Float these in the yogurt. Wyldstyle and Emmett ended up together in the movie so these represent that.

5. For the whole wheat bread Lego bricks I used a technique I found in the book Everyday Bento. Click the button to the left in my Amazon Store to order the book from Amazon. It is written by my friend Wendy from It is easy to do but I won't tell you how because you really should buy the book, it is awesome.

6. Kids can use the cheese from Wyldstyle, the spinach (a parent can dream, right?), and the whole wheat bread pieces to make their own sandwiches!

7. Place bread Lego bricks in second side dish and surround with blueberries.

The Lego Movie Batman lunch
The Lego Movie Wyldstyle lunch


  1. Love your LEGO lunch! too amazing and awesome!

  2. Lisa Barnes McClintockAugust 3, 2014 at 9:59 PM

    Where did you get the LEGO bento boxes from?

  3. I got them from bento usa here:

  4. This is really creative! Is the modeling dough intended to be eaten, too? Or is it more for decoration than anything else?

  5. Loved your LEGO lunch. They are too amazing and awesome!

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