Fatherhood Fridays #1

Friday, March 7, 2014

Welcome to "Fatherhood Fridays" on! On the first Friday of every month you will find some of the best "Dad" writers around. If you are a dad and have written anything in the past, feel free to link up here. All I ask is that you share this link up on Facebook, Twitter, etc. so more people can be inspired by what is posted here. Some of these posts will be short, some will be long, some will be serious, some will be hilarious. Click on the links below and you just might find your new favorite blogger!

A couple rules for posting: Only post something that you have written personally. Only post one time a month. Your post can be old or new, just pick out one that you have written which has meaning for you. Please read some of the other posts linked up here and share this link up so that other people can enjoy the wisdom that these dads have to give.

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  1. Can I be so bold as to suggest a "rule" (or at least a guideline). I've been posting fairly regularly with an online community (almost all women) called "Five-Minute Friday" and their one "rule" is to comment on the post before yours. I'm going to do that now. It's a great way to get to know other bloggers. Great idea—looking forward to next week.


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