Week 29: Earth Day Giveaway Lunch

Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 29: Earth Day Giveaway Lunch!  Happy Earth Day everyone.  Here is your ECOLunchbox Earth Day Giveaway winner.  There were many great entries in the contest, but in the end Karla won.  She suggested using blue tinted rice to form the earth.  I thought it was a fun idea that would fit well in the ECOLunchbox Oval.  Karla will be getting her own ECOLunchbox Oval for giving the winning entry.  Thank you ECOLunchbox for partnering with us in our first giveaway!  For this lunch I not only used Karla's idea but also used all natural ingredients to finish off the lunch.  There are no artificial dyes or flavors in any ingredients here.  I hope you all have some great ideas for how to spend Earth Day.

                               1 Hardboiled egg                1 Serving homemade organic applesauce
                               1 Ball of sticky rice             1 Slice red apple
                               7 Carrot slices                    3 Iceberg lettuce leaves
                               4 Grape tomatoes                  Blue and red natural food coloring
                               2 Pieces broccoli
1.  Roll ball of sticky rice in blue natural food coloring.  Press pieces of the broccoli head into the rice in the shape of continents.  Arrange lettuce leaves in your container as a background.  Place finished rice earth into a silicone baking cup and place in container.

2.  Press hardboiled egg into the shape of a heart using an egg mold or cut into a heart shape using a cookie cutter or knife.  Dip heart into red food coloring to give it a red or pink color.  Place it into your container.

3.  Use vegetable cutter or knife to cut carrot slices into flower shapes.  Cut the letters for "Earth Day" out of a slice of cheddar cheese.  Lineup carrot flowers along the top of the container and place cheddar cheese letters on top to spell out "Earth Day."  Arrange grape tomatoes around container.

4.  Fill a small cup with organic applesauce.  Use vegetable cutter or knife to cut the apple slice into a flower shape and place it on top of the applesauce.

Congratulations Karla, hopefully you will enjoy your ECOLunchbox Oval.  Everyone else stay tuned for our next giveaway soon.  Also check back tomorrow for a SPECIAL BONUS LUNCH.  Remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


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